Alfresco Announces Alfresco Team for Powerful Content Collaboration

Alfresco, the open platform for social content management, today announced the availability of Alfresco Team™, an all-new content collaboration product complete with iOS apps for the iPad and iPhone. Alfresco Team provides best-in-breed capabilities for sharing and collaborating on content, all with low-cost subscription pricing for organizations, teams and individual departments.

Alfresco Team is a pro-tool for content collaboration. Customers can get started in a matter of minutes with a quick download and install on their server or on an EC2 instance.

Put in the hands of today’s employees, it provides the resources for groups to not only work efficiently together, but to succeed with their projects. Alfresco Team isn’t a consumer-oriented file sharing tool. It’s a full collaboration platform that offers enterprise-grade features like workflows and quick previews that make the difference between talking about projects and actually getting things done.

With simple, low-cost subscription-based pricing, customers can get started with Alfresco Team in just minutes. From there, users can immediately check-in documents to a new project site, add other members to the project, and review each other’s work. Team members can preview documents, leave comments, or even favorite it for easy access later. They can even “like” documents to let their team know they think it’s good. Finished content is then tagged and categorized so it is easily retrievable, without any version control nightmares. Alfresco Team helps businesses manage the full lifecycle of their content, beginning to end.

“We designed and built Alfresco Team based on what we have learned from five years as the leading open source content management company,” said John Powell, president and CEO of Alfresco. “Alfresco Team brings the power of the Alfresco platform to departments and teams across that globe that are focused on creating great content. If your business is content or document creation, then Alfresco Team was built for you.”

Alfresco Team is a professional-grade solution built on the same robust and secure technology that has been deployed in nearly 2000 enterprises, including global brands like Home Depot, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Michelin, The National Health Service, and the New York Philharmonic. Alfresco Team will be available in six languages at launch including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. If your team creates and collaborates on content – office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, designs, images, videos, audio – then Alfresco Team handles it.

The product delivers an extensive set of features for sharing and collaboration, including:

  • Site based collaboration for multiple teams and groups, with wiki, blogs, forums, calendar and data lists
  • New iPhone and iPad apps for collaboration on the go
  • Secure documents/file sharing with user invites and permissions
  • User dashboards for easy navigation
  • Likes, favorites, tags and comments for social collaboration
  • Content activity streams to quickly alert users to what is happening with their sites and content
  • Pre-built workflows such as “Review and Approve” for simple business process management
  • Simple drag and drop file uploads for any file type
  • In-context previews for most common file types, including office documents, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator files, videos, audio and images
  • Shared drive (CIFS), WebDAV, CMIS and SharePoint protocol
  • Simple site personalization with crisp themes and custom logo uploads
  • Support for six languages out of the box (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese)

“Today’s content-driven teams are mobile, social and real-time,” said Todd Barr, CMO of Alfresco. “With Alfresco Team, we’re innovating with a native iPad app, Google Docs integration and social features that enhance two-way conversation around content.”

Complementing the core Alfresco Team product are all-new iPhone and iPad apps (available in the Apple App Store in early July) that provide mobile access to Alfresco Team sites and easy content capture. Alfresco Team’s iOS apps allow users to:

  • See the latest activities on sites in which they are members
  • Easily access their favorite files & folders, or use Alfresco’s powerful search to quickly track down important files
  • Snap photos (such as a whiteboard brainstorm), adjust contrast, tag/title, and upload directly to a Team site folder inside Alfresco
  • Capture video clips (like a short message or a competitor’s advertisement) or audio (meeting recording, audio note, etc.) and easily tag/title and upload to a Team site
  • iOS code will be open-sourced and publicly available so developers can create their own branded app for their company, school or government agency