Agility Release for June features Dynamic Pages and Intelligent URL Routing

We’ve been chomping at the bit to get this feature implemented and the time is finally right.

In previous versions, a programmer had to write custom code in order to generate URLs that match the content that is being displayed (for example, as opposed to Now, Agility takes care of this code for you so page URLs are automatically generated using readable words based on a the new Dynamic Page sitemap item.

Let's take a look at how it works.

Dynamic Pages
When you create a new page, you now have the option to make it a Dynamic Page. Dynamic Pages will automatically generate pages on your site based on a list of content items.

The path, menu text and page title of these pages can be defined using content fields from the list so you can be sure that search engines are picking up the right information and users have an easy-to-read link in their bookmarks.

Dynamic pages can have multiple layers to accommodate content hierarchy.

Digital Content and Dynamic Page Lists
A new section has been added called ‘Digital Content'. Shared Content is now incorporated into this new section, along with a new content type call Dynamic Page Lists.

Dynamic Page Lists are used to house the content that is used to generate dynamic pages. You can either access these page lists from your Dynamic Pages in the Pages section, or go directly to the Dynamic Page List under Digital Content.

You can also take any existing Shared Content list and convert it to a Dynamic Page List.

URL Redirections
You now have the ability to define URL redirections based on relative or absolute URLs, User Agents and Languages.

This is critical for when you are migrating from an old site to a new one. The “301 – Permanent” HTTP code ensures that Google and other search engines carry your page rank over from the old site to the new one.

Release Frequency
You're probably thinking “Wow, didn't we just have an Agility release a little while ago?” Yes, we did. We've shortened our release schedule so that we can bring you features and fixes quicker and more reliably than ever.

Each release will be rolled out to all accounts over a 4-6 week period.

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