Agility Officially Launches Agility Ticketing

Agility, a fully-integrated digital experience platform offering Content Management, eCommerce and Real-Time Personalization, has launched Agility Ticketing, a solution designed to allow current and future customers to sell tickets online. The all-in-one solution includes mobile QR ticket generation and on-location ticket redemption using a dedicated scanning app.

“At Agility we believe that customers deserve an amazing experience, and that all starts with a great website. We have long helped to provide online ticketing solutions to our clients,” said Joel Varty, VP of Innovation and Development at Agility. “As we continue to work with visitor attractions we are seeing a real need for an integrated ticket offering that allows for a more seamless purchasing experience. Bringing that into the platform means we can provide more efficient workflows and processes for our customers, giving them more control. We are continually striving to align our product offerings to the needs of this segment, and we are excited to deliver Agility Ticketing as a first-class citizen in the Agility Experience.”

Agility Ticketing is the result of an increased need among customers to provide online ticket sales. They wanted an integrated solution that could be easily managed and customized. Many customers were unhappy with existing standalone solutions, citing slow load times, template-restricted designs and inefficient manual processes. Third party ticketing solutions usually require heavy integrations with the website, which often result in poor site performance and complicated checkout processes. As a result, customers were losing visitors mid-purchase due to a poor user experience.

Agility Ticketing is built into the Agility platform and managed from a single central hub. It is highly customizable and provides secure and flexible integrations with customers’ payment, shipping and CRM providers of choice. The platform also boasts unlimited freedom of design, a mobile-friendly user experience, customer account creation and tracking, multiple ticketing variant options and in-depth reporting.

Agility Ticketing is part of a wider product offering to visitor attractions, one of the segments that Agility is currently servicing. To find out more about Agility Ticketing and how it can help you sell more tickets and create a better experience for your customers, click here.