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Agility CMS update for August has been released

Agility January Launch Includes Major User Generated Content Updates

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The Edentity team has been hard at work this summer preparing for an onslaught of new features and bug fixes for their flagship product, Agility CMS.

With the August update, they are providing a whopping 31 new features and 189 bug fixes. Some of the primary improvements are:

Per page template editing which means you can quickly alter each individual page's display with a few clicks as shown in the screenshot below:

Improved workflow has also been added to this release which makes it much quicker and more efficient to approve/deny and publish content:

And most importantly, they have made a number of tweaks to improve Agility's already speedy interface.

More detail can be found on the blog post on Agility's website.

CMS & Marketing / Agility CMS update for August has been releasedLast updated on January 5, 2019
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