Agility CMS Secures Funding to Help Customers Build a Faster Web

Agility CMS announced its first round of funding with Venbridge Ltd.  This capital will be used to help promote new packages and offerings,  available today, that support a Content-First approach to building and  managing digital properties. This approach makes it easier  to create faster websites, mobile apps, and essentially any digital  solution using content from a central repository.

"We are thrilled to be able to contribute to Agility CMS's growth trajectory through this funding," said Garron Helman, CEO of Venbridge Ltd. "At  Venbridge, our goal is to support Canadian companies as they scale  their operations, develop their technologies, and reach a wider  client-base, so we're very excited for Agility CMS's future expansion."

Agility CMS is building on the momentum they initiated upon selling  their professional services division in 2018 and strengthening their  partner network. While a decoupled architecture has always been a  strength, now the company is more tightly focused on the newer tools and  practices to enable those partners and developers to work faster with  more flexibility. Their reference architecture allows content to  be defined, federated and shared across an entire organization.

"This funding will allow us to invest time and energy into the  Content-First approach of our platform and educate customers, partners  and developers on how to execute on this," said Jon Voigt, CEO. "We're  helping people digitally transform their whole mindset on new ways to  build their content and platform architecture in order to empower their  team. The result is faster teams, better platforms and more digital  success."

Unlike traditional models, where a single website is tightly linked  to a CMS installation, Agility CMS uses a different approach. An  organization can arrange its content in an appropriate structure and  share that content to any of its online properties. That structure is  called Content Architecture, and it includes Shared Lists, Items and  Templates, as well as custom fields that are specific to each  organization. This structure can last well beyond the lifetime of any  single app or website.

"Many of our top customers have re-used or built upon the same  Content Architecture for many iterations of their web properties," said Joel Varty, President. "Website  and app front-ends come and go, and our customers can now build them  even faster by leveraging their existing content investments, using  technologies such as JAMstack and Static Site Generators."

Agility CMS has also combined its other offerings into all-in-one  bundles, something no other Content-First or Headless CMS vendor has  done. These packages include Page Management, Ecommerce, Online  Ticketing, User Generated Content, Website Search, and a robust Support  package with an SLA.

Please visit to explore the new packages.