Adobe CQ Goes Social

Adobe announces Adobe® CQ 5.5 Social Communities, providing digital marketers with the ability to better leverage social engagement across owned digital properties to build loyalty and drive conversion. Part of the Adobe Web Experience Management solution, CQ Social Communities enables organizations to build deeper relationships with and between customers by connecting context from leading social networks to multiple marketing channels, including company websites, mobiles sites and applications.

“Consumers expect more from companies today than one-way communication, and the bar is set by the highly interactive nature of social media channels,” said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of Product Strategy and Solution Marketing, Adobe. “It’s a given for organizations to engage in conversations on traditional properties like blogs and forums. Now, digital marketers need to go further. CQ Social Communities enables them to deliver a more personalized experience, and also allows consumers to ‘Like,’ share and comment with friends from the company’s site.”

Now available as part of the recently released Adobe CQ 5.5 software, the new CQ Social Communities enables organizations to provide a Facebook or Twitter login option on owned properties, and then personalize the consumer’s experience based on profile information. Additionally, marketers can combine profile information with data from additional sources, such as a customer relationship management system or website profile, to create a single view of the customer.

With new social plugins in CQ Social Communities, including the “Like” button and activity feeds, marketers can strengthen the connection between their digital properties and social networks by allowing customers to share content with friends. Organizations can also provide consumers socially relevant information on the company’s website—for example, which friends purchased a product—while amplifying their presence back to the social network.

“As part of marketing efforts to promote our male-grooming product line, Adobe Web Experience Management has helped us better engage consumers, foster online lifestyle communities, and bring our brand to life through customers’ experiences,” said Joost van Dun, IT business specialist for Web, Philips. “Ultimately, our goal is foster a strong relationship with customers, and the ability to provide them a socially aware and interactive experience on our website is a critical part of the equation. The new capabilities in Adobe CQ Social Communities enabling consumers to share information about themselves help us deliver on that promise.”

Part of Adobe Web Experience Management, CQ 5.5 Social Communities builds on existing capabilities for developing and managing blogs, forums, comments, and ratings, as well as connecting to social networks, across all aspects of an organization’s digital presence.

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