Act-On Software Targets Specific Industries with Act-On Industry Solutions

Act-On Software, the marketing automation software provider for small and mid-sized businesses, has announced the launch of its latest solution customized for various industries. They've called it Act-On Industry Solutions.

The industries targeted by Act-On with this release, include; healthcare, travel, finance, manufacturing & retail.

Essentially, Act-On Industry Solutions is a digital collection of marketing assets, pre-built automated workflows, and industry-specific benchmark results designed to help customers improve their ROI and measure success.

Finely Tuned for Specific Industries

Act-On has conducted research to finely tune their offering specifically for the industries mentioned above.

From content that uses industry-specific terminology to communication workflows that follow industry norms and protocols, marketers can benefit by measuring individual results against their industry peers to better assess program effectiveness and improve overall performance.

Act-On Industry Solutions offers up:

  • Content – Industry-specific templates for emails, forms, and landing pages with multiple campaign examples that can be easily imported/exported across accounts.
  • Programs – Pre-built automated workflows to support multi-step nurture and engagement campaigns.
  • Benchmarks – Access to aggregated performance results for marketing activities in various industries.

The CMO of Act-On Software, Atri Chatterjee, pointed out how this new offering is about helping brands get effective marketing campaigns off the ground quickly:

“We've expanded on our promise of simplicity without compromise by providing our customers with the ability to not only get up and running on the platform quickly, but also access pre-built templates and workflows to make their marketing more relevant and effective for their industry.”

Act-On Industry Solutions will be available in December 2015 for the five industries listed above. Furthermore, Act-On plan to widen their coverage, with plans to expand the number of industries it supports as well as the content templates and program types it offers.

For more information on Act-On Industry Solutions, check out the official press release.