Acquia Unveils Content Hub

The Drupal-focused digital experience company, Acquia, has announced the release of the Acquia Content Hub.

The aim of Acquia Content Hub is to empower authors and websites rapidly create, search, distribute, and share content across a complex network of sites all from one single “hub”.

Acquia are attempting to respond to the contemporary content explosion seen across almost every industry. New channels are constantly emerging, and brands are finding it increasing tough to navigate and manage.

Acquia claims that Content Hub will also help such organizations manage their content, as well as access, update, and replicate changes across a complex site networks, incompatible CMS platforms, and external channels.

Repositories, Discovery Tools & Automated Updates

Content Hub gives authors and site owners a higher level of control over their dispersed content, with a comprehensive set of discovery, sharing and distribution tools. These include:

  • A repository that aggregates and normalizes content and data from any external source — such as a news wire — or content management system
  • Powerful discovery tools, including content subscriptions and faceted search, to break down silos and enable site builders and editors to find relevant content from other sites, departmental archives or content management systems quickly
  • Automated updates from authors to content consumers — both internal and external audiences — in near real time, respecting local changes and workflow rules
  • An integration framework to access and publish content within existing workflows

Acquia's Co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert made these comments upon the announcement:

“As digital teams race to deliver personalized customer experiences, they must first make sense of the chaos that has resulted from the explosion of content and sites. They need to be able to share, discover and collaborate unimpeded by disconnected legacy systems. Content Hub answers that challenge.”

To learn more about Acquia Content hub, check out the official website.

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