Accrisoft Announces Freedom CMS 8.2

Content Management vendor Accrisoft has announced the release of Freedom CMS 8.2. Version 8.2 promises several powerful features, including an all-new lead nurturing module , site backup tool enabling simple site copying and migrations, form layouts, global tags and more.

Lead Nurturing

The Lead Nurturing module turns your Accrisoft Freedom website into an effective inbound marketing tool that generates leads, provides them with a personalized experience, and tracks them throughout the sales process until they become customers.

This module automatically interacts with leads via email messages, allowing you to scale the lead generation process and focus your sales efforts on high-value prospects.


Global tags

The new Global Tagging feature in Accrisoft Freedom takes the categorization of information and makes it global, freeing it from the confines of a single module: It lets you tag items in a variety of modules, then share these tags across modules.

This makes creating lists of related items possible for modules other than the one you’re displaying an item from, which means, for example, that you could tag a blog entry, and, on the sidebar of that blog, show a list of news articles that are on the same topic.


Site Backup Tool

The Site Backup Tool lets you quickly create complete backups of your website, and it keeps them within Freedom where they’re easy to restore. This tool also makes it possible to copy your site onto another Freedom website without any technical expertise. Best of all, the whole thing takes just a couple of minutes.


New form layouts

With version 8.2, Accrisoft Freedom CMS gives you complete control over the output of your forms. This means that you can control exactly what HTML is used for each field. This also means that you can much more easily control the layout of the entire form itself via HTML layouts.


To learn more about Freedom CMS 8.2, Visit their website: