A Collection of our favorite Minimalist WordPress themes

I have a soft spot for minimalism in web design and nothing makes me smile more than coming upon a well-designed, minimalist website with a strong focus on content. There is a growing number of excellent CMS themes that showcase minimalism very well while maintaining unique looks and styling. Today, I'm going to highlight some of my personal favorites for you.

Minimalist WordPress Themes

iA³ template

Designed by Information Architects and available for purchase on their website, this premium theme offers a very unique style and look that makes content the primary focus. With full mobile capabilities, this is a beautifully rendered theme at a very reasonable price. It incorporates standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 and jQuery and comes with a full Android and iPhone version.


You can purchase (or preview) the theme from Information Architects


Designed by Rodrigo Galindez, this theme provides a unique 3 column look with excellent typography and a unique style. Rodrigo has designed some of the most popular minimalist WordPress themes including Modern Clix and The Modernist. Pimlico is less than $25, which is a great deal for a WordPress theme.


You can preview Pimlico, check out his other themes or buy it from his website: Rodrigo Galindez


Designed by WPShower.com, this theme offers a really unique look as well as some awesome features for a free theme such as integrated automatic tinyurl generation, a logo that moves from left to right on posts and more. The folks at WPShower produce a number of exceptional minimalist themes for WordPress, most of which are free.


Check out Suburbia or there other awesome themes on the WPShower website.


Designed by Blogsessive, Typominima is an attractive (and free!) single column theme with a focus on Typography. It's unique really showcases content and images well. Perfect for a blog.


You can test and download from here: Typominima from Blogsessive.

The Standard Theme

Designed by 8Bit, The Standard Theme is an advanced premium theme with extreme customization capabilities, an indepth options panel and lots of SEO functionality built right in. It's used by a good number of websites and is very easy to customize.


You can test or purchase The Standard theme from their website: Standard Theme


Do you have favorites that we haven't covered here? Please share them in the comments below!