A chat with Acquia about their recent TruCentric Acquisition

As you may have heard, Acquia recently picked up a Toronto based company named focused on personalization for websites / commerce sites called TruCentric.

We took this opportunity to chat with Acquia about this acquisition and find out their motivations behind the purchase.

What spurred the acquisition of TruCentric over other players in the industry?

Digital marketers need to gain a deep understanding of all site visitors, including those that are anonymous, in order to grow their audience and drive conversions. Acquia is acquiring TruCentric, because it provides high resolution, real-time customer profiling for every site visitor based on their online behavior and preferences. With that information, digital marketers can deliver engaging, hyper-personalized experiences that appeal to site visitors and compel them to take a desired action.

Will the employees of TruCentric be taking on similar roles within Acquia now?

All TruCentric employees will join Acquia.  

What are the long term plans for Acquia now that this acquisition has been announced?

Acquia helps businesses build and support digital properties, so they can out-compete their rivals among a the rapidly changing digital landscape. Personalized engagement and commerce are important revenue drivers for today’s digital-first businesses, so with this acquisition, Acquia is expanding the digital engagement and commerce segment of the business. TruCentric will extend the capabilities of Acquia Lift. TruCentric’s analytical insights, paired with Acquia Lift’s testing and personalization capabilities, will allow digital marketers to transform digital interactions into hyper-personalized experiences.

Can we expect to see a form of marketing suite integration into the Acquia platform?

Digital is disrupting every all modern business processes, not just marketing. In order for businesses to win against competitors, they need to drive digital transformation across their entire company, including commerce, customer support, employe engagement and more. We’re not building out a marketing suite, we’re building out a platform for digital business optimization — one that unifies content, community and commerce, offering much more than traditional marketing suites.

What type of competitive advantage does Acquia hope to gain from this new acquisition?

This acquisition will accelerate Acquia’s leadership in website personalization. The combination of  Acquia Lift and TruCentric will provide marketers with deep insight, and the ability to automate changes to Drupal-based sites accordingly. The joint solution will seamlessly integrate known data with anonymous data, building the level of understanding across customer segments necessary to increase conversions.

To learn more about this acquisition and the companies involved, visit http://www.acquia.com/products-services/trucentric