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A Preview of dotCMS 3.0

dotCMS is a widely popular open-source enterprise CMS, and it's extremely close to a major update – dotCMS 3.0. Available in two primary forms, the community and enterprise edition, users can choose between self-hosting DotCMS, making use of the dotCMS server, and using the dotCMS cloud-hosted service. Now, after being nominated in two categories in the 2014 CMS Awards –... Read More →

dotCMS Launches dotCMS 5.0 - Developed with ‘NoCode’ Philosophy, Giving Marketing and Business Teams More Autonomy to Create Digital Experiences

...said Ezell. To learn more about dotCMS 5.0 and how you can upgrade, visit: About dotCMS dotCMS is a leading, open source content and customer experience management Java platform for companies that want innovation and performance driving their websites and other content-driven applications. Extensible and massively scalable, both small and large organizations can rapidly deliver personalized and engaging content... Read More →

dotCMS Launches Static Publishing in Latest Release, dotCMS 3.7

Miami, Florida — dotCMS, a leading, enterprise Java content management platform, has released their latest version, dotCMS 3.7. The 3.7 release builds on dotCMS’s existing push publishing capabilities and provides users an intuitive and straightforward way to publish dotCMS managed files, pages, folders or entire sites to Amazon S3’s service. The 3.7 release also provides a slew of developer-focused improvements,... Read More →

DotCMS At Home or On the Cloud: Fast and Flexible

...Cloud CMS for SMB. Previously this featured week, we’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing DotCMS CEO Tim Brigham. CMS Critic also had the chance to sit through a detailed product walkthrough. For now though, it’s back to DotCMS as a cloud solution. To Cloud Or Not To Cloud: On Premise vs dotCMS Managed Hosting The awesome thing about dotCMS... Read More →

What's New with DotCMS 3.2 (And the 3.x Series)

...for custom workflows to be managed, including the use of “whole pages” in a workflow. This capability helped user experience designers use dotCMS custom workflows more effectively and efficiently, with less code. DotCMS 3.2: What’s New As previously mentioned, Mike Johnston recently sat down with Will Ezell, DotCMS’ CTO, for a product walkthrough of DotCMS 3.2. During that walkthrough, Will... Read More →

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