60 Second CMS, V2.4 gives more power to resellers

Version 2.4 of the white-branded ‘60 Second CMS’ is focused on the needs of resellers. “We have made websites much easier to re-theme in every way, right from the overall design through to layouts of individual modules.” Said Webxpress General Manager, Mike Barker yesterday, announcing the launch.

“We wanted to give our resellers complete control over the look and feel of their client’s websites without forcing them to us front end scripting or learning some proprietary language” said Mr Barker.

The CMS which first made its debut in 2009, as a simple system designed to allow small business people to easily manage their online businesses. The developer, Philippine based software developer Webxpress Inc. developed a unique drag and drop interface of pre-formatted containers to allow users to maintain the design integrity of the website while adding new pages and changing content.

The system was integrated with a simple CRM, email marketing and eCommerce, to provide an easy to use, low cost solution for small business.

“While the system appears to be simple and easy to use it is also feature rich. We followed the principle of organised complexity in the user interface.” Said Mr Barker “you can allow users to only see what they need to work on, without having to navigate their way through a multitude of options they don’t need or understand”

While resellers have complete control over everything, end users can be restricted to as little as just editing their web pages.  Resellers can then upgrade the accounts and give them access to more functionality just by ticking the boxes!

“It creates fantastic opportunities for resellers to upsell clients to other functionality” said Mr. Barker. “For instance, the CRM is always there in the background, being populated by the forms on the website, even when the client has a ‘website only’ package. So when they upgrade they will find their contacts already in their system.”

Webxpress is very focused on making life easy for resellers, by ensuring clients don’t need to bother them. “We want our resellers to be able to build their businesses and not have to waste time on support” said Mr. Barker, “That’s why we made the system as easy to use as possible and added white-branded chat support to the admin interface. Although resellers get copies of the chats, they never even need to worry about issues their clients are facing. And the clients are happy as their problems are solved right away.”

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