5 Reasons Your Business Needs Marketing Automation Software

Sit down with any business professional, and they’ll tell you all about how absolutely essential marketing is when it comes to building a brand and establishing a strong consumer-brand relationship.

As your business grows and evolves, it will eventually become impossible to maintain personalized, value-driven relationships with every customer or lead that comes your way. This is the point when business owners hire a marketing director to establish performance-driven programs that convert leads into customers.

If the marketing director is doing their job well – and the results keep growing – then the company’s marketing program is going to eventually become too big for them to handle efficiently.

Budget issues are going to pop up. Time and money – precious resources of any business owner – will be shelled out for repetitive tasks like social media updates, emails, and responding to comments on the Facebook page.

Okay, so what are you supposed to do about it?

Invest in marketing automation software.

This is going to play a pivotal role in helping you grow your business and get more leads and sales.

What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation is a must-have business software that automates the most repetitive, most common marketing tasks. This includes things like emails, social media, and many website actions.

By using software and its web-based services to automate, manage, and optimize these managing tasks saves business owners valuable time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere within the organization.

Imagine not having to spend hours sending emails, sending webinar invites, doing lead profiling and scoring, creating website forms, doing page building, and conducting A/B split testing.

It would be a dream come true, right? You’d have SO much extra time!

That’s what marketing automation software does.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

There are five main reasons as to why your business needs marketing automation software, especially if you’re trying to continue growing and expanding your business.

1: Marketing automation saves time and money

With the implementation and utilization of marketing automation software, just one employee is now able to send hundreds, if not thousands, of emails and updates in a significantly reduced amount of time. With that, they are able to do the work of an entire marketing department, yet without the business owner having to shell out the expenses for one.

If you’re like most other small business owners, you don’t have a massive budget to be throwing around. Marketing automation software provides the solution to that problem.

2: Consistent branding is easier

Consistent branding is essential for creating and building consumer-brand trust, which drives sales and brings in qualified leads.

With marketing automation, it’s easy to create and maintain that branding presence across multiple channels and platforms, from social media to email newsletters.

Additionally, with all the money you will be saving through the use of marketing automation software, you and your marketing team can spend more time focusing on expanding your marketing efforts to include things like direct mailers or texting services.

By expanding your reach, you can cast a wider net and gain more targeted customers than you would have been able to otherwise.

3: Lead generation and nurturing is faster and easier

Imagine having to send out welcome emails to every single individual lead you connect with.

That would take a vast amount of time and money that you, as a business owner, really don’t need to be spending.

By using marketing automation software, you and your marketing team are able to reach out to a prospective lead from the very first time you interact.

Let’s say your prospective lead likes something you posted on Twitter, and then heads on over to your website. They look around a bit, like what they see, and decide to subscribe to your mailing list.

From that point, you can connect with them immediately through a series of automated actions and solutions. They get a welcome message and confirmation email, and then the automation software takes them all the way through the sales funnel for you.

The marketing automation software also makes it a million times easier to personalize your emails and marketing campaigns, making them more targeted toward yours specific audience. You can build client profiles, taking into account data like past purchase behavior and geographical location.

With a more personalized approach to lead generation, your prospective clients have a targeted sales funnel to go through, and are far more likely to purchase your products and / or services.

4: Marketing automation offers a high ROI

With the automation of your sales processes and the lead nurturing, you can pretty much count on a significant boost in customer retention. Add that to the lead generation, optimization, and management that comes from automating these processes, and you will see an obvious return on investment.

The more customers are flocking to your brand, the more sales you will have. The software really does pay for itself.

5: Marketing automation software is easy to use

Considering how marketing automation is all about optimizing and automating the most repetitive of marketing tasks, it’s designed to be easy to use.

Even those employees that are not so tech-savvy will be able to use it with ease, and the vendor you go with when choosing marketing automation software will provide an explanation and some training for your team.

The best marketing automation software also includes pre-made templates that you can customize through easy-to-use editors that guide you through the entire process from initial creation to final distribution.

There’s no need to spend money on extensive training, or have your employees using coding or anything related to advanced technological background.

The most reliable marketing automation software companies, like Snaptactix, have perfected the process of implementation and make it as easy, versatile, and efficient as possible.

Their software includes critical elements like:

  • Email automation

  • Marketing automation

  • Landing page creation

If you’re looking to grow your business, marketing automation software is key. This is true regardless of your company size, industry, or budget.

What’s your go-to marketing automation company? Let me know in the comments below!