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2014 Critics’ Choice Award Winner – Best Website Builder

2014 Critics' Choice Award Winner - Best Website Builder

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Today, I'm going to present the winner of the 2014 Critics' Choice CMS award for Best Website Builder.

This is always a difficult award to choose but this year, we're giving it to the one website builder that has achieved the most in 2014. With a huge number of improvements and a laser focus on improving their product and adding new feature sets, we've determined that this year, the most deserving website builder is none other than Wix.

Wix has done amazing things this year with their focus on adding features such as ecommerce stores, a booking engineOffice 365 integration and more, they've done more than any other website builder this year when it comes to focusing on improving their brand.

Congratulations to Wix on their win. Check them out in our directory here: Wix

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