2013 People's Choice Winner for Best Small to Midsize Business CMS

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2013 People's Choice Winner for Best Small to Midsize Business CMS

This year, the battle to win Best Small to Midsize Business CMS was a hard fought one with a ton of amazing contenders vying for the top spot. Today, we're going to announce who came out on top in this years awards.

A CMS that is geared towards Small to Midsize Businesses must be able to cover a wide range of functionality and, ideally, integrate more than one component. Why? It's simple. Businesses already have a ton of overhead on average and any product that can integrate multiple layers of functionality while reducing the reliance on additional products is going to get a leg up on the competition. Businesses don't want to have to manage licensing and fees for Marketing Suites, CRM platforms, Ecommerce Solutions, Hosting, etc, etc. They want a solution that can offer as much functionality as possible with as little a learning curve as possible.

This year, more than last, we can see this choice reflected in the nominees that were part of the award run.

The nominees, as a refresher, were:

While it certainly was a hard fought battle but only one can be named the winner and the People's Choice for Best Small to Midsize Business CMS this year is…

DNN Evoq Content!

DNN Evoq™ Content, formerly known as DotNetNuke® Professional Edition, is a business solution that helps bring your website to life with captivating content and engaging interactions. Users can add and edit content through a standard browser with no IT support.

Whether you’re in Marketing, Editorial or the C-Suite, Evoq™ Content provides a simple CMS and workflow tools suited to non-technical users.

Learn more about DNN Evoq Content

Congratulations to the DNN Evoq Content team on their win! Stay tuned to find out who walks away with the Critics Choice award (selected by our panel of judges) coming soon.

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