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2013 Critics Choice for Best eCommerce Solution

2013 Critics Choice for Best eCommerce Solution

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There are several strong competitors in the eCommerce market but only one can be the winner of the 2013 Critic's Choice Award for Best eCommerce Solution. With a market that is full of excellent solutions, to stay on top, one must be innovative, quick to market with new updates and changes and be able to integrate with top names in the CMS and CRM world.

No solution does this better, or is more deserving of the Best eCommerce Solution award than…


Magento has been around for many years and, as a strong eCommerce solution, has managed to ensure they have a foothold into the key areas of the market. With a powerful Enterprise solution, a Community Edition and MagentoGO, they are well positioned within the industry. It's no surprise really that when eCommerce powerhouse eBay, Inc. went shopping for an eCommerce solution to purchase, they ended up choosing Magento.

Magento offers a unique solution that has a huge developer community, strong theming support and plenty of integrations for all kinds of different solutions. Now, backed by eBay, they are poised to continue their amazing growth throughout the years to come.

Congratulations to the team at Magento!

Learn more about Magento.

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