Webiva Launches SaaS Hosting Platform for Open Source Rails-based Content Management System

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Webiva, an open source Ruby on Rails content management system (CMS) designed to compete with the likes of Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, today launched a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting platform. allows web professionals to build websites on a load-balanced, backed-up and replicated cloud without the hassle of installing and maintaining a Ruby on Rails installation.

“Webiva has been absolutely critical to the growth of our business. We reviewed dozens of platforms to adopt, and have found nothing that compares in quality to Webiva,” said Jonathan Karush, CEO of Liberty Concepts, the nation’s largest provider of campaign websites to U.S. congressional candidates. “It has powered some of the nation's most recognizable advocacy campaigns over the past two years.”

Built from the ground up with a designer’s and a developer’s needs in mind, Webiva is a web 2.0 open-source website building system (WBS) that allows web professionals to build custom websites that look and operate the way they want them to. Based on a Ruby on Rails framework from a software perspective, Webiva does its best to build on the concepts and methodologies that Rails creates. It has an extensible module system that allows additional functionality to easily be dropped into the system. Webiva offers support for forums, e-commerce, social networking other mediums needed by web professionals building top-of-the-line websites.

“Until recently there were two CMS options: a blog engine that’s user-friendly but limited, or a full-stack CMS that’s powerful, but complex to manage,” said Webiva Partner and Developer Pascal Rettig. “Webiva offers the best of both, a Rails-based system with the accessibility of a blog engine and all the features of a big CMS on the back-end.”

With 18 years of combined web development experience, Pascal and Martha Rettig are the inventive developer-designer team behind Webiva’s creation. They have been using the system for more than four years. Every feature available on Webiva was added in response to a specific requirement that arose during its use. Key benefits to web professionals using Webiva include:

  • Easy-to-Use - A user-friendly interface similar to a blog engine with all the features of a powerful open-source CMS
  • Non-CMS Aesthetic Appeal - Webiva is transparent from a site’s front end, giving designers full control and easy access to site HTML and CSS with built in editors.
  • Quick Click Site Creation - Build and deploy dozens of sites from a singe install- no need to FTP templates and assets.
  • Well documented, Open-source Platform - Built-on and extensible with Ruby on Rails, web professionals can use core modules (including e-commerce, social networking, forums, etc.) or write their own.

About Webiva

Webiva is the first and only web 2.0 open source Ruby on Rails content management system (CMS) built from the ground up with a designer’s and a developer’s needs in mind. Known as a website building system (WBS), Webiva allows web professionals to build custom websites that look and operate the way they want them to. Founded in 2006, Webiva is based in Boston.

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