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Format Review

Format Review

By Gráinne Logue December 25, 2015 CMS Reviews  Comments


Format CEO, Lukas Drya, describes the tool as a portfolio builder designed for creative minds. Format started off as ‘4ormat’ back in 2008 and launched under the same name in 2010. At this stage, it was one of few portfolio builders designed specifically for creatives - but the market has since become much more competitive. Read More →

Svbtle Review

By Gráinne Logue December 14, 2015 CMS Reviews  Comments


Svbtle is a minimalist blogging platform that has been through a few changes since its launch in 2011. Initially, Svbtle membership was invite only, and this exclusivity was actually one of its key selling points. In 2014 though, it became available to everyone for $6 a month. Read More →