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Interview with Vern Imrich, CTO of Percussion

Interview with Vern Imrich, CTO of Percussion

By Mike Johnston February 1, 2012 Interviews  Comments

For this month's newsletter, we spoke with Vern Imrich, CTO of Percussion to get his thoughts on the growth of the CMS market and more. Read on for some valuable insights. CC:  Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background leading up to working with Percussion. VI:  My formal training and degrees are all in engineering, numerical methods and computer simulations.  But all along I was heavily involved in publications, running engineering magazines and other periodicals.  I became a pro at SGML, desktop publishing systems, and even typesetting languages.… Read More →

ExpressionEngine 2.4.0 Released

By Mike Johnston January 24, 2012 News & Headlines  Comments

ExpressionEngine 2.4.0 is now available for download.  This release provides a broad array of changes, including stability and security improvements, a faster control panel, the addition of popular feature requests and new libraries and hooks for third party developers. This release offers improved stability and performance with over 80 bug fixes, including an obscure but theoretically possible MySQL injection exploit.  The control panel is noticeably faster in most environments, with much snappier rendering of filterable tables.… Read More →

EndPlay Expands Internationally via Strategic Partnership With The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group

By Mike Johnston January 19, 2012 News & Headlines  Comments

 EndPlay, Inc., a leading SaaS provider of Web Content Management (WCM) solutions, announced today a partnership with The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group (TBSCG), marking EndPlay's international expansion into the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) market. TBSCG builds and maintains online-centric solutions for some of the largest brands in the UK, France, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland, including Electrabel, Shell, LEGO, Felco SA and Bucks CC.… Read More →

Kentico Software Announces General Availability of Kentico CMS 6 and Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution

By Mike Johnston October 13, 2011 News & Headlines  Comments

Kentico Software (, the Web content management system vendor, announced at the Kentico Connection Conference in Prague the general availability of Kentico CMS 6 and Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS), extending the core CMS system to include Customer Experience Management. “Kentico CMS 6 is not only the biggest release in Kentico history, but it's also a big step for Kentico and our clients.… Read More →

GSX Consolidated Monitor & Analyzer Cuts Microsoft SharePoint Risks

By Mike Johnston September 28, 2011 News & Headlines  Comments

GSX Solutions announced that its GSX Monitor & Analyzer resolves significant Microsoft SharePoint risks and issues for IT departments. Agentless, out-of-the-box deployment on a client workstation enables SharePoint administrators to continually monitor services from a user perspective and quickly take corrective action when issues arrive.Many organizations are experiencing an uncontrolled proliferation of SharePoint sites, leading to frequent outages and inefficient use of IT resources.… Read More →

CMS or WCM - Which is Which?

By Mike Johnston September 7, 2011 Articles and Editorials  Comments

One of the more common errors made when evaluating products designed to enable an online presence is the misunderstanding of the difference between a WCM and a CMS. In order to help alleviate this confusion, I thought I'd offer up how I view the two, so you can get a better understanding when trying to decide which solutions to explore as part of your short listing process. WCM A WCM is a Web Content Management system. These systems are designed to provide your organization with a means of putting your business online with relative ease.… Read More →