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The Four Worst Myths about Open Source CMS

By Daniel Threlfall April 29, 2013 (Updated: June 6, 2013) Articles and Editorials  Comments

If you aren't used to using an open source CMS, then you may have fallen victim to several popular myths. Even those who are familiar with the open source environment believe some of these myths. For both avid open source users and proprietary CMS users, we offer fair warning regarding the four worst myths about open source CMSs.1.  Open source CMS are much easier to use than proprietary systems. This is sheer myth. The person who declares that open source X is easier than proprietary Y in has a lot of explaining to do.… Read More →

Good or Bad? The Verdict on Open Source CMS

By Daniel Threlfall February 7, 2013 (Updated: June 10, 2013) Articles and Editorials  Comments

Which is better — an open-source CMS or a proprietary CMS?We're going to tip our hand here at the start by admitting that the question is unanswerable. The answer depends on who you are and why you're asking. This is sort of like the question, "What's better — chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?" There's no right answer. It all depends on whom you're asking. Unfortunately, the open vs. closed debate engenders more negative emotions than choosing ice cream flavors.With the preceding caveat in mind, we cautiously suggest that an open-source CMS is usually better for most.… Read More →

Review of Purple Parrot CMS

Review of Purple Parrot CMS

By Daniel Threlfall April 12, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013)  Comments

Purple Parrot is a proprietary CMS with plenty of out-of-the-box features for a variety of website needs. Purple Parrot caters to small business, e-commerce, and online education sites. The CMS is cloud-based and multi-user.Overview Purple Parrot is a full-fledged CMS, including a web design and software solution firm. Purple Parrot has been in business since the early days of widespread Internet usage (over 20 years). Part of their sell is the ability to take an existing website and place it into their own CMS, giving you the ability to take full control of a website.… Read More →