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Demandbase and Marketo work together to Personalize Web Experiences

Demandbase and Marketo work together to Personalize Web Experiences

By Mike Johnston September 5, 2013 News & Headlines  Comments

Demandbase today announced that its real-time identification technology is now connected with Marketo, the cloud-based marketing software platform. The Demandbase Platform – which includes modules for Company Targeted Advertising, Website Content Personalization, Web Analytics Enhancements, and Online Forms – now easily plugs in to Marketo landing pages and lead capture forms, to enable personalized offers and shorter, more precise forms.… Read More →

Top Five Email Marketing Platforms

Top Five Email Marketing Platforms

By Daniel Threlfall August 13, 2013 Articles and Editorials  Comments

Email marketing is one of the most successful, most cost-effective, and most important features of your business. But in order to cash in on the power of email marketing, you've got to have the right email marketing provider. This review of five email marketing platforms will help you to make an informed decision as to which email marketing system is best for you. Read More →

New Research From Adobe Indicates 53% of People Want a Dislike Button #MetricsNotMyths

By Mike Johnston October 25, 2012 Articles and Editorials  Comments

Adobe has released an interesting infographic entitled the "Marketing Myth" that highlights some interesting bits of research. One finding I found especially interesting is that 53% of people want a dislike button. This happens to be one of the #1 complaints my father in law, who recently joined Facebook to see pictures of our kids, mentions most often. In his words: "I'm tired of looking at people's food and pictures of their pets on Facebook. Why isn't there a dislike button or a Wilf thinks this is stupid button?" Yes, the father in law.… Read More →

The Summit Bash at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

The Summit Bash at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

By Mike Johnston March 22, 2012 Articles and Editorials  Comments

If we learned anything while attending Adobe's Digital Marketing Summit this year, it's that Adobe knows how to throw a party better than anyone. Entering the aptly dubbed "Summit Bash" we were greeted with BMX and Skateboard stunts at an impromptu set of ramps that had been setup in one section of the party.Adding to the ambiance of the party was DJ Mick Boogie putting out some awesome tunes.We had barely entered the party when a character on stilts swung open an enormous set of drapes expanding the already huge hall into one three times the size.… Read More →

Adobe introduces Adobe Social - One product for Ad Buying, Analytics, Publishing and Social Media Monitoring

By Mike Johnston March 21, 2012 News & Headlines  Comments

Adobe introduced Adobe Social today, a new product within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.  Adobe Social combines social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics that can help marketers attribute social activities with results for their businesses.  Adobe Social builds on the social media management technology Adobe acquired earlier this year as part of the Context Optional/Efficient Frontier acquisition, as well as the social media monitoring and analytics of Adobe SocialAnalytics.… Read More →

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