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The Relationship between CRM and CMS

By Mike Johnston November 30, 2011 Articles and Editorials  Comments

In business, it is possible to use various types of software to help make processes more efficient. For instance, the majority of businesses collect data about what is going on in their company; this could be information relating to finance, sales and the type of customers who tend to use their services. Computer software can be used to manage and analyse this data more successfully, meaning it offers as much value to the business as possible and the most accurate results are produced.Two common types of software used to do this are CRM software and CMS applications.… Read More →

Using Relationship Management to Understand Efficiency

By Mike Johnston November 21, 2011 Articles and Editorials  Comments

Efficiency is something that is continuously cited by businesses as something they take very seriously. However, despite this prioritising of efficiency, relatively few businesses actually invest in infrastructure that could help them to become more efficient. This means that while many businesses are operating well, they aren’t necessarily achieving their full potential.… Read More →

Sitecore Announces a New Era of Digital Intimacy with its Customer Engagement Platform

By Mike Johnston April 19, 2011 News & Headlines  Comments

Sitecore, the company that has redefined Web content management, announced today a game-changing platform and product group called the Customer Engagement Platform.  The Platform enables organizations to manage the full customer experience and to create relevant and valuable customer conversations that engage, entertain, and inform.“The Customer Engagement Platform is a major step towards Digital Intimacy and it marks the coming of a new era of online business,” said Michael Seifert, CEO, Sitecore. “This is not an evolution, it is a revolution.… Read More →