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ProcessWire 2.4 Released

ProcessWire 2.4 Released

By Ryan Cramer February 11, 2014 (Updated: April 22, 2014) News & Headlines  Comments

Numerous upgrades and refinements make ProcessWire 2.4 the most friendly and powerful version yet. This new version is focused on listening to the feedback from users and answering with the best CMS experience for web designers/developers and their clients. New features include: 

  • Support for Field Dependencies
  • New Admin Theme and Major Admin Upgrades
  • Continued Enhancements to Multi-Language Support
  • Great New API Additions
  • Numerous Other Optimizations, Fixes and Improvements
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Elcom Version 8.1 Released - Significant Upgrade and Improved Features

Elcom Version 8.1 Released - Significant Upgrade and Improved Features

By Daniel Threlfall February 20, 2013 (Updated: June 6, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Elcom just announced the release of ElcomCMS 8.1, the latest version of their .NET enterprise web CMS. ElcomCMS is the Australia-based company's core product. In June of 2012, they launched version 8.0. This latest upgrade contains features that help users meet accessibility requirements, collaborate on projects, organize and protect content, and improve social capabilities.Elcom is a powerful CMS platform that targets the needs of mid-enterprise organizations. As an enterprise-level solution, it's far more than just a web CMS.… Read More →

Are CMS Vendors Suffering from an Identity Crisis?

By Mike Johnston August 8, 2012 (Updated: June 6, 2013) Articles and Editorials  Comments

Every day I read the latest headlines to see what new CMS releases are happening and to get the latest updates from the industry and lately, I've been seeing new terms being thrown around by various vendors to describe their products.It seems to me that some analyst firms and CMS vendors keep coming up with new ways to confuse potential customers. A good example is the term Digital Experience Management.  What exactly is Digital Experience Management? It could describe a myriad of things.… Read More →

Symphony CMS launched GitHub-powered extension site

By Mike Johnston December 19, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

The Symphony CMS team dropped me a line to let me know that they've just launched a new website,, to aggregate all of the 350+ Symphony extensions that exist on GitHub.They've developed our own XML schema for documenting extension metadata (changelogs, versions, dependencies, authors etc.), which is similar to the packages.json that the node.js world is inheriting, so that this website, and one day Symphony, can consume and intelligently parse it.… Read More →

Newscoop 4.0 Beta adds new community features to open source news CMS

By Mike Johnston December 19, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Newscoop, the open source content management system for online news media, has a new major release out in beta. Newscoop 4.0 adds the possibility to build a community platform into a news website, allowing newspapers to grow and manage vibrant communities around their content.The feature was developed in close partnership with the groundbreaking Swiss online-print news hybrid TagesWoche, who attracted 2500 people into their community in the first week following their October launch.… Read More →

WordPress 3.3 is out

By Mike Johnston December 13, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

The latest release of the ever popular WordPress is now out. Version 3.3 brings with it the following changes:For Users Experienced users will appreciate the new drag-and-drop uploader, hover menus for the navigation, the new toolbar, improved co-editing support, and the new Tumblr importer. We’ve also been thinking a ton about what the WordPress experience is like for people completely new to the software.… Read More →

Mapping interaction and suggested content for easier content creation from GOSS

By Mike Johnston November 24, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Today sees the launch of GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management) version, the latest upgrade to the market leading Web Content Management system built by GOSS Interactive.The solution allows public, private and third sector organisations to drive efficiency savings into their business. GOSS clients can deliver more services online and gain a better understanding how website visitors use a website.… Read More →

XOOPS Project releases XOOPS 2.5.4

XOOPS Project releases XOOPS 2.5.4

By Mike Johnston November 22, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

The XOOPS Project is proud to present XOOPS 2.5.4.XOOPS is one of the most successful Open Source CMS solutions, constantly winning top places in various competitions, and receiving various awards. In addition to updating its internal libraries to their latest versions: phpMailer (5.1), TinyMCE (3.4.6), jQuery (1.6.4), and jQueryUI (1.8.16), the major focus of this release is on converting all Core modules (PM, Profile, Protector) to a new ModuleAdmin GUI, so all of them have a consistent "look & feel".… Read More →