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Google Summer of Code 2011

By Mike Johnston March 30, 2011 (Updated: June 10, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

This year's Google Summer of Code participants have been accepted and students are being encouraged to apply at the GSOC website.On the Content management / Wiki front, accepted projects for this year include: Drupal, Dokuwiki, MoinMoin, Moodle, Plone, Typo3, WordPress and XWiki. For those of you who may be unaware of the Google Summer of Code. Here's how it's described on their website: Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects.… Read More →

ATutor Learning CMS sees 2.0.1 release

By Mike Johnston October 21, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

ATutor 2.0.1 was released today. This release is primarily a maintenance release, fixing a few bugs, refining some functionality, and extending a few features. If you are using ATutor 2.0 and everything is working okay for you, you probably do not need to upgrade. But, read on for a list of the significant changes.Flowplayer Upgrade: The media player included with ATutor has been upgraded to Flowplayer Version 3.2.4.… Read More →

Moodle 2.0 Release Candidate 1

By Mike Johnston September 23, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Moodle 2.0 RC1 was released recently, and you can get daily builds from the Moodle download page. NOTE: this is not the final release yet! This milestone reflects the fact that the 2.0 feature set is now completely implemented and available in the core code. You can read more about 2.0 in the Moodle 2.0 RC1 release notes. The final release should be in a month or so.… Read More →

Pligg CMS Widget Contest – Win an Amazon Kindle!

By Submitted Posts August 17, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

Owning an Amazon Kindle just got a lot easier! We at Pligg CMS are proud to announce that we are holding another contest for developers. This time around we are asking developers to create free Pligg widgets to share with the community. What’s even better is that widgets are REALLY EASY to develop!How to Enter: Submit your widget to the Free Widgets forum. All new submissions are moderated, so your post will not appear immediately after being submitted. Your widget should appear within a few hours of submission, once a forum moderator has approved it.… Read More → launch miggleCMS, their PHP/MySQL content management system under an open source license launch miggleCMS, their PHP/MySQL content management system under an open source license

By Mike Johnston April 6, 2010 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments

From the release announcement: As a business is fully committed to using and supporting open source software wherever it can.  We believe open source solutions, when implemented effectively, offer customers and users the best possible options in terms of balancing unique requirements, with leveraged R&D, in an environment where BCP (business continuity planning) issues are largely taken care of.  It would be counter to our believe in that approach to continue to keep our CMS, miggleCMS, as a proprietary tool.… Read More →

Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert Interview

By Mike Johnston January 24, 2009 (Updated: May 31, 2013) Interviews  Comments

We were very pleased to have a chance to interview Dries Buytaert, founder of the legendary Drupal content management system. He shares his thoughts on its success, future and how it came to be in this intriguing and indepth discussion. We had so many questions, that we are only publishing part one while he works on the second half.Here you go. CC: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Dries. We'd like to cover a few areas during this interview..… Read More →