Melody CMS sees first stable release

By Mike Johnston April 20, 2011 (Updated: May 31, 2013) News & Headlines  Comments


Melody CMS, forked from the MovableType 4.x branch has now seen it's first stable release with version 1.0 announced yesterday.

Features include:

  • Re-tooled and slimmed down the code base to reduce bloat and increase performance.
  • Revision histories for entries, pages and templates.
  • Redesigned Manage Entries screen supporting inline publishing and more detailed view of each entry/page.
  • Added a Design console for applying and managing themes.
  • Full fidelity theme exporting.
  • Full screen editor mode for entries and templates.
  • Improved documentation managed entirely by the community
  • New default theme: DePo.Clean by Derek Powazek.
  • User experience improvements abound!

The full announcement can be found here:

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