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Search for sensitive content in SharePoint and OneDrive documents

SharePoint August 27, 2014

Responsible organizations today use a variety of controls and policies to keep their data safe and secure. These controls become even more crucial if the data involved is sensitive information, which can range from industry-wide data (such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or customer information) to proprietary information (such as patents or confidential documents). Protecting this sensitive data is important because it enables organizations to comply with industry,… The post Search for sensitive content in SharePoint and OneDrive documents appeared first on Office Blogs. More SharePoint News →

Contao 3.3.5 is available

Contao August 27, 2014

Contao version 3.3.5 is available. The bugfix release fixes the problem with empty label tags if a form field does not have a label assigned. In addition, displaying recurring events and importing style sheet that use the "rem" unit has been corrected. More Contao News →

Contao 3.2.14 is available

Contao August 27, 2014

Contao version 3.2.14 is available. The bugfix release fixes several issues, including a problem with displaying recurring events and a problem with importing style sheets that use the "rem" unit. More Contao News →

WordPress 4.0 Release Candidate

WordPress August 27, 2014

The first release candidate for WordPress 4.0 is now available! In RC 1, we’ve made refinements to what we’ve been working on for this release. Check out the Beta 1 announcement post for more details on those features. We hope to ship WordPress 4.0 next week, but we need your help to get there. If you […] More WordPress News →

Ideas for your dating site

PG Dating Pro August 27, 2014

If you are new in the business, figuring out what to dedicate your future dating site to may become an overwhelming task. Let's draw the inspiration from some dating websites and services that have already been launched. 1. Mensa Match requires new members to pass IQ tests with high scores, so only smart people will be able to sign up. 2. Willow app brings conversational aspect to dating by prompting users to ask and answer questions. It is only after the conversation starts that people are able to share photos and learn more information about the person on the other end. 3. More PG Dating Pro News →

Tips for Building Perfect Product Pages

3dcart August 26, 2014

3dcart’s Henry Suarez has put together this AWESOME instructional video to help you build the perfect eCommerce website. 3dcart’s Image Gallery feature gives merchants the ability to easily add product images and improve users’ sensory experience. This is important because in traditional retail stores, customers can touch and try products before purchasing. To compete with [...] More 3dcart News →

Caching of the last N objects

Kentico August 25, 2014

When developing new controls, modules or web parts, you should always think about performance and caching. But sometimes you are unable to create caching dependencies that cover your scenario, so you need to use an alternative approach to keep the most recent objects in the cache and to remove old ones before the cache expires. One of the possible approaches is discussed in this post, in which we implement a method that caches the last N requested objects.  More Kentico News →

Predictive smart search without postbacks

Kentico August 25, 2014

A lot of modern websites today feature a predictive search in the header of each page. I would bet that your website too has a search box at the top of every page. This gives the visitor a convenient way on how to search your website from anywhere. This functionality comes with a price tag of course, as any feature you add to your website. In this case the price tag is quite high, since when using our build in search you cause postbacks, so you can't use output caching. Let's fix that.  More Kentico News →

Kentico 8.1 Combines Greater Ease and Performance with New LinkedIn and SharePoint Integration

Kentico August 25, 2014

Nashua, New Hampshire, August 25, 2014 – Kentico Software, the Web Content and Customer Experience Management provider, today announced the release of Kentico 8.1, featuring a variety of new enhancements that bring greater website performance and ease of use to the digital marketing activities of today’s digital agencies and professional marketers. With new “Buy X, get Y” discount capabilities, Kentico 8.1 also offers customers new ways to maximize their online sales.    More Kentico News →

Reed Elsevier rallies around Office 365 to collaborate across countries and cut costs

SharePoint August 25, 2014

“We have hundreds of SharePoint sites today and we are beginning the journey of migrating all of these to SharePoint Online and unplugging our on-premises SharePoint servers. This will deliver huge cost savings.” — Michael Bouchet, vice president of Infrastructure Services, Reed Elsevier. Learn more about Reed Elsevier’s decision to move to Office 365. The post Reed Elsevier rallies around Office 365 to collaborate across countries and cut costs appeared first on Office Blogs. More SharePoint News →

Oxwall 1.7.1 is out

Oxwall August 25, 2014

Oxwall 1.7.1 is available for download immediately. All details about this release can be found here. Important: If you are running Oxwall of any previous version, you are encouraged to wait until the auto-update prompt appears in your admin area. Before you attempt it, … Continue reading → More Oxwall News →

Build an Instagram for Your Business

3dcart August 25, 2014

Embracing social media is part of a strong online marketing plan. And if you think you can stop at Facebook and Twitter, think again! Instagram is used by over 150 million people and counting. Although Instagram is an entirely visual platform, small businesses can use it to build customer relationships and influence sales, it just [...] More 3dcart News →

Hippo and Boston Interactive sign partnership to further expand digital success stories in the US

Hippo CMS August 25, 2014

Web Content Management software vendor Hippo is pleased to announce its partnership with integrated web marketing agency Boston Interactive. Based in Boston and Amsterdam, Hippo has experienced record growth and expansion in the North American market in the past year. The company’s partnership with Boston Interactive, whose clients include Forrester Research, Harvard University, the International Data Group, the American Humane Association and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, provides a further strategic opportunity to bring the power of Hippo CMS to American enterprises. More Hippo CMS News →

How to Get a Unique Website Design for Real Estate Site

PG Real Estate August 25, 2014

Are you thinking about launching a website for your real estate company? The real estate industry is quite competitive and if you want your property business to gain popularity, you need to have a strong online presence. One of the first things you need to do to build a web presence is create a website. The time and money that you invest on your website and to market will ultimately help in bringing more prospective clients to your business. More PG Real Estate News →

The Business Catalyst Unconference @ Adobe MAX 2014

Adobe Business Catalyst August 24, 2014

During this year's Adobe MAX, we're holding a dedicated BC Partner event where we want to bring you and the team together and present talks in an unconference style. The event will take place Monday, October 6 and will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center ( in room 308, and kicks off at 1:00pm. We're really keen to see you at MAX and, therefore, we're going to give all BC Unconference participants a 50% off discount code valid for all sites upgraded until the end of the year. Please consider that you need a valid MAX pass to attend the unconference. More Adobe Business Catalyst News →

ATutor 2.2 Released

ATutor August 24, 2014

We're happy to announce that ATutor 2.2 has been released. This is a major release with many new features and enhancements. Current users should upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of new security features. For a detailed list of changes, visit the ATutor Changelog. View the demo to try the new features, and download ATutor to install or upgrade. See the ATutor News Release on GitHub More ATutor News →

Patch #4 Released for V2.3.0

Exponent August 23, 2014

The fourth patch to address issues in v2.3.0 (stable, patch#1, patch#2 and patch#3) has been released.  This patch can be applied to any site already running v2.3.0, v2.3.0patch1, v2.3.0patch2, or v2.3.0patch3.  This patch is almost as large as a full version, therefore, you can expect v2.3.1 to be released in the coming weeks.  The code is already fixed in the 'master' git repo and the patch file can be downloaded from here. More Exponent News →

BuddyPress 2.1 – Beta 1

BuddyPress August 23, 2014

BuddyPress 2.1 is going to be our best version yet, and is on track for our an almost-on-time release in just a few short weeks. If you are a plugin or theme developer, or are running a BuddyPress powered site with a development environment available, please download the 2.1-beta1 zip or get a copy via our Subversion repository. We […] More BuddyPress News →

Patches Released for v2.1.4 and v2.2.3

Exponent August 22, 2014

We've fixed a couple of nasty bugs in some of our older versions and now have a patch available to fix these two specific issues: loss of admin/super-admin status when password is changed bug which could allow display of store orders to non-admin users The v2.1.4 patch #2 download is found here. The v2.2.3 patch #5 download is found here. These fixes will be included in an upcoming patch #4 to v2.3.0. More Exponent News →

New In the App Store: Global Nimbus Translation

3dcart August 22, 2014

Did you ever want to expand into international markets?  Now’s your chance.  Our new App Store partner Global Nimbus can help you operate internationally, and you’ll never break a sweat. Your entire website and shopping cart are translated and optimized for international markets.  The seamless integration with 3dcart helps to deploy your eCommerce websites into growing [...] More 3dcart News →

Taxonomy Refinement Panel Web Part and faceted navigation now available in SharePoint Online for intranet scenarios

SharePoint August 22, 2014

Over the last months we’ve taken many steps towards enabling search-driven publishing for intranet sites in SharePoint Online. We enabled the Content Search Web Part (CSWP), the cross-site publishing feature, and a new group cache that improves the performance of the CSWP. Now we’ve enabled two features that previously were available only in SharePoint Server 2013—the Taxonomy Refinement Panel Web Part (TRPWP) and faceted navigation. More SharePoint News →

Kentico 8.1 Out Now!

Kentico August 22, 2014

Back in March this year we launched Kentico 8 and made several commitments regarding our product’s future. One of them was to deliver software to all of you in a much shorter time frame. In less than five months we are back with a new version. I’m happy to report that Kentico 8.1 is available effective immediately. More Kentico News →

Search is the Sharpest Tool in Your Content Promotion Shed

Ektron August 22, 2014

Being able to serve the right content at the right time practically guarantees more positive activity on your site. If you’re a believer in inbound marketing, then your site visitors hit your website because you have great content. But you already know that. That’s why you also put more information in the left or right columns around your content in hopes of getting visitors to buy something, fill out information, watch a video, or otherwise do something more so you can move your business forward. Using Search technology can make that strategy more effective. More Ektron News →

Advantages of Starting Your Own Real Estate Website

PG Real Estate August 22, 2014

Having an online presence has become very important for any kind of business. People use the internet to search information, for shopping, placing food orders and wade away leisure time. These days, when a person wants to buy or rent a home, he would prefer to look for available options through home listings present on popular real estate portals. In the same way, when a person wants to put his home on sale or rent and find potential clients for it, he would prefer to post an ad on popular real estate portals. More PG Real Estate News →

Why Alfresco Rose Above the Crowd

Alfresco Enterprise Edition August 22, 2014

By Jeff Klemens, Principal of Sageview Capital The funding environment in Silicon Valley today is best classified as both dynamic and robust. Buoyed by both strong consumer successes such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GoPro, and enterprise winners including Splunk, Workday, Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow, the venture capital and growth equity community have seen […] More Alfresco Enterprise Edition News →

Scheduled system maintenance on NA data center - August 23rd 2014

Adobe Business Catalyst August 21, 2014

To ensure the highest levels of performance we will be updating file servers located in our North America data center. To minimize the customer impact, the update is scheduled at the most convenient hours for the region and will take up to one hour to complete. During the maintenance procedure, publish from Muse, sFTP,  and File Uploads will experience a 30 minutes downtime. Additionally, the site indexing services will not run for approximately 12 hours starting 8 hours before the update window. The website front-ends will not be impacted by the maintenance. More Adobe Business Catalyst News →

The Road Less Traveled in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Alfresco Enterprise Edition August 21, 2014

2014 has been an exciting year thus far for Alfresco. Our developer Community continues to expand, we’ve brought great new partners into the fold, and we are incredibly honored to have been selected by some very prestigious new customers. Even better, our visionary product innovation at the intersection of business-critical content, process and collaboration continues […] More Alfresco Enterprise Edition News →

The Road Less Traveled in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Alfresco Community Edition August 21, 2014

2014 has been an exciting year thus far for Alfresco. Our developer Community continues to expand, we’ve brought great new partners into the fold, and we are incredibly honored to have been selected by some very prestigious new customers. Even better, our visionary product innovation at the intersection of business-critical content, process and collaboration continues […] More Alfresco Community Edition News →

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