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Choosing The Proper Payment Gateway For Your Online Business

3dcart October 29, 2014

Making a choice as to which payment gateway provider to use for your online business is not a trivial concern. This choice requires careful thought and planning. Depending on several factors, the choice can make your business profitable or have a negative effect on your success. 3dcart offers you many choices in this regard. In [...] More 3dcart News →

Siena 0.9.17 released

Cotonti October 29, 2014

Today Cotonti Team has released an update for Cotonti Siena including the following changes: Support for embedded PHP (>= 5.4) webserver, no webserver is required for development anymore CKEditor 4.4.5 Fixed 16 bugs Several minor enhancements See download page. All Cotonti users will benefit from updating. More Cotonti News →

Cotonti Siena 0.9.17

Cotonti October 29, 2014

Package contents Basic CMF. Modules: Forums, Homepage, Installation and Upgrade, Pages, Personal File Space, Private Messages, Polls, RSS, Users, View. Plugins: AJAX autocomplete, Banlist, BBcode, CKEditor, Cleaner, Comments, Contact, Forum statistics, Hidden groups, Hit statistics, HTML Purifier, Contents Internationalization, IPSearch, markItUp!, MassMoveTopics, MathCaptcha, News, Start Ratings, Recent Items, Referers, Search, Sitemap, Statistics, Tags, Trashcan, URLEditor, User images, User by first letter, Who is online. Themes: Nemesis (development), SymiSun-03 (showcase). More Cotonti News →

4 Time-Management Apps You Will Want to Download

Webs October 29, 2014

In the life of a busy entrepreneur, there are many moments where we wish we didn’t have to waste so much time doing the small stuff. Whether it be checking insignificant emails, or waiting the few extra seconds for a large file to upload. Yesterday, I stumbled across an interesting app called Rescue Time. More […] The post 4 Time-Management Apps You Will Want to Download appeared first on Marketing Mojo for Small Business. More Webs News →

Contact groups improvements in detail

Kentico October 29, 2014

As you know, in Kentico 8.1, the Online marketing team focused on Contact groups, Personas, and Scoring performance (see Vita's post).    This technical post explains in depth the improvements we made to Contact groups to help you better understand how the changes affect the performance of your site. It assumes you’ve used Contact groups already and doesn’t go into how they work in general. More Kentico News →

Do these 4 simple things right now to sell more this holiday season [VIDEO]

Bigcommerce October 29, 2014

If you haven’t started preparing your store for the holiday shopping season, you’re running short on time! If you have, great! Need a boost? In today’s short #SellMore video, we share 4 proven tips to sugar coat your shopping experience this holiday season so you can sell more now and next year! After the video, scroll down ... Continue reading The post Do these 4 simple things right now to sell more this holiday season [VIDEO] appeared first on The Bigcommerce Blog. More Bigcommerce News →

How Reverse Logic Limited Sells On-the-Go

Ecwid October 29, 2014

Reverse Logic Limited takes ‘do-it-yourself’ auto maintenance to a new level, by supplying specialty tools for high-end cars to customers all over the world. Owner Fredric Gwinn started his company in 2009 and primarily sells online and during regular exhibits at a number of car shows each year. Before discovering Ecwid in spring 2013, Fredric built his website using Adobe Muse, and added numerous PayPal buttons on his page for selling products. However, as he continued to add additional products, he found that his e-commerce “solution” became unmanageable. More Ecwid News →

Drupal Core - Highly Critical - Public Service announcement - PSA-2014-003

Drupal October 29, 2014

Advisory ID: DRUPAL-PSA-2014-003 Project: Drupal core Version: 7.x Date: 2014-October-29 Security risk: 25/25 ( Highly Critical) AC:None/A:None/CI:All/II:All/E:Exploit/TD:All Description This Public Service Announcement is a follow up to SA-CORE-2014-005 - Drupal core - SQL injection. This is not an announcement of a new vulnerability in Drupal. Automated attacks began compromising Drupal 7 websites that were not patched or updated to Drupal 7.32 within hours of the announcement of SA-CORE-2014-005 - Drupal core - SQL injection. More Drupal News →

Next Steps for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Drupal October 29, 2014

Thanks to the hard work of staff and the Content Working Group, we have completed another round of updates to our draft privacy policy and terms of service. We were able to respond to much of the feedback provided in our earlier announcement. The biggest issues pointed out by the community had to do with the tone of the language in the documents. Many pointed out that it did not match the values of our community. We took a closer look at organizations such as the Wikimedia Foundation and Mozilla, incorporating some of the approaches they took to make our terms a bit more human. More Drupal News →

Releasing the new EPiServer User Guide online

EPiServer October 29, 2014

By releasing the first online “version” of the EPiServer User Guide, we have merged the user guides for all EPiServer products – CMS, Commerce and add-ons – into one single user guide. As an editor, marketer or system administrator, you can now find all information in one place, but it also serves to better support a platform approach with a more unified user experience. The different parts of the platform are indicated using a color code (see image). The new user guide will be available on EPiServer World as well as from the EPiServer user interface. More EPiServer News →

4 tips for a smarter ecommerce migration

Bigcommerce October 28, 2014

We’re excited to introduce Kenny Kane, Chief Operating Officer at Stupid Cancer and a Bigcommerce evangelist. In his weekly #SellSmart column, Kenny will share practical advice on how to rock ecommerce by working smarter, not harder. Migrating ecommerce platforms is a lot like moving. Once it’s time to go, you can sense it. Perhaps you ... Continue reading The post 4 tips for a smarter ecommerce migration appeared first on The Bigcommerce Blog. More Bigcommerce News →

Using Social Links in Your Store

3dcart October 28, 2014

Adding social links to your 3dcart store is a great way to drive traffic to your social media pages as well provide visitors a one-click content sharing opportunity. So, which buttons should you place on your page? Well, start by adding Facebook and Twitter icons, the most widely used social media platforms, to your store. [...] More 3dcart News →

Introducing the Kentico Improvements Program

Kentico October 28, 2014

Kentico 8.2 and all upcoming versions from here on offer you the opportunity to join us for the Kentico Improvements Program. On a basic level, this means that you can send us anonymous data about the tools you use in the system. We obviously respect your privacy, so joining the program is totally optional. Also, since Kentico has always been a transparent company, we will explain all of the details about this program in this post, from both a business and technical point of view. More Kentico News →

The 5 Best (and free) Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing

Webs October 27, 2014

Often we find ourselves discussing how small business owners and entrepreneurs can be more productive. Does this mean we are trying to imply that these professionals have difficulty with time management? No way! We just understand that time is a limited resource, and that a few productivity hacks are appreciated when trying to tackle a busy […] The post The 5 Best (and free) Google Chrome Extensions for Content Marketing appeared first on Marketing Mojo for Small Business. More Webs News →

Ecommerce Report: September up 30%, Lifestyle & Home tops industry rankings during strong Q3

Bigcommerce October 27, 2014

Bigcommerce just released our inaugural interactive Ecommerce Report for Q3 2014. Representing small- and mid-size ecommerce merchants in the U.S., the data was pulled for July through September 2014 from the Bigcommerce platform, home to over 55,000 stores across a diverse range of industries. The trends we found prove that independent ecommerce businesses are coming out on top ... Continue reading The post Ecommerce Report: September up 30%, Lifestyle & Home tops industry rankings during strong Q3 appeared first on The Bigcommerce Blog. More Bigcommerce News →

Architecture matters!

Kentico October 27, 2014

As a Solution Architect, I very often deal with clients’ websites getting slower and slower until they reach the point at which even the Kentico UI stops responding. That’s usually the point where we (the consulting department) are called in to help solve the urgent situation. Of course, we can always do something to get the website running again, but such a situation is usually caused by bad non-scalable architecture and a misconfiguration of Kentico or the IIS and could be avoided. More Kentico News →

Talking Technology Disruption And Digital Transformation At The Telstra 2014 Australian Digital Summit

Ektron October 27, 2014

Some of the brightest minds and pre-eminent thought leaders came together at the Telstra 2014 Australian Digital Summit in Sydney last week, where the central theme was to ‘explore the emergence of digital into the physical world, how new technology is disrupting traditional businesses and the opportunities for corporate and start-ups to complement each other’. More Ektron News →

7 delicious lessons your store can learn from fast food marketing

Bigcommerce October 26, 2014

Welcome to the Bigcommerce roundup, may I take your order? As always, this week’s roundup is value-sized, fried up just for your ecommerce business, and served with 7 delicious articles that can help your store serve up sales just like top fast food companies. Don’t worry though, these articles are completely healthy for your business. ... Continue reading The post 7 delicious lessons your store can learn from fast food marketing appeared first on The Bigcommerce Blog. More Bigcommerce News →

XOOPS domain donated to XOOPS Foundation

XOOPS October 25, 2014

We are happy to share with you that the founder of XOOPS, Mr. Kazu Ono (aka Onokazu) has donated the XOOPS domain ( to XOOPS Foundation! The XOOPS Council appreciates very much his trust in the current team, and we can only reiterate our full committment and dedication to keep the Open Source ideals and spirit alive in XOOPS! We also would like to thank Mr. More XOOPS News →

Watch WordCamp San Francisco Livestream

WordPress October 24, 2014

WordCamp San Francisco is the official annual WordPress conference, gathering the community every year since 2006. This is the time when Matt Mullenweg addresses the community in his annual State of the Word presentation – a recap of  the year in WordPress and giving us a glimpse into its future. This year the speaker lineup is stellar. There will be talks by […] More WordPress News →

3 ways bribery can help your store increase leads

Bigcommerce October 24, 2014

Gaining new customers to your store is a challenge for any online store owner. But after they’ve visited your site, how do you get them to return and buy? The key is attracting potential customers to join your mailing list or increasing followers on social media so you can create a strong connection and maintain constant contact with ... Continue reading The post 3 ways bribery can help your store increase leads appeared first on The Bigcommerce Blog. More Bigcommerce News →

Panda, Penguin, and What Google’s Recent Algorithm Updates Mean For Small Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

Webs October 24, 2014

If you are a small business owner who finds Google alliterative algorithms Penguin and Panda to be intimidating territory, you’re not alone. You have enough on your hands with running a business and maintaining a website without having to decipher what each Google algorithm update means for your marketing and SEO strategy. While it’s certainly […] The post Panda, Penguin, and What Google’s Recent Algorithm Updates Mean For Small Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC] appeared first on Marketing Mojo for Small Business. More Webs News →

Ensuring a Practically Perfect Product Launch in Every Way

Ektron October 24, 2014

Guess what? Your boss just called you into his office and told you that you’re in charge of a product launch. Congratulations! You know that a digital marketing strategy is pivotal to the success of this initiative. Now, as Dennis Hopper said in the movie Speed, “What do you do?  What do you do?” Well, for a start, you’re going to want to… More Ektron News →

Introducing the Service API

EPiServer October 24, 2014

In an effort to help partners and customers with catalog integration between EPiServer Commerce and other systems, we have released a new Service API. Currently EPiServer Commerce is a required dependency for the Service API, but in the future we will have the ability to have the CMS functions only require EPiServer.Cms.Core. Over time we intend to expand upon the Service API to allow for easier integration points in both Commerce and CMS. The Service API currently allows for: Bulk importing and exporting of catalog data. Bulk importing of media into the media system. More EPiServer News →

Updates, fixes – and further development on World

EPiServer October 24, 2014

The goal with updating World with new features and new design, is to make it easier to use, easier to collaborate and stay updated, as well more appealing (an ongoing work, with minor changes here and there). Navigation and news Blogs and Forum are back in the top menu, since collaboration is of essence for the site. This way, it’s easier to reach those sections on the site. For those who want updates automatically, we’ve updated the RSS-channels on World. Access to support New, more visible, icons directly on the start page makes it easier to reach support information. More EPiServer News →