2013 Critic's Choice Award for Best Free CMS

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Within the CMS industry, we are very fortunate. Every year, thousands of developers work their fingers to the bone to deliver highly capable free CMS to the market. When it comes to selection, the CMS industry is definitely not hurting for choices. For this reason, selecting a winner for the Best Free CMS award has been a tough decision. What it has come down to, however, is the flexibility and capability of the platform.

In the end, when it comes to being flexible, it would be foolish to select any other CMS on the market. For a free content management system to be as capable and widely used in such an incredibly amount of environments is nothing short of amazing and without further adieu, we're pleased to announce the winner of the 2013 Critic's Choice Award for Best Free CMS goes to...

best Free cmsDrupal

One of the most flexible content management systems available for free today, Drupal is a powerhouse that can be used to power all kinds of different platforms. It's so flexible that it is often discounted as a CMS and referred to strictly as a Content Management Framework.

In our eyes, both monickers fit the bill nicely. Drupal has been used to power all kinds of web applications including some incredibly high visibility websites worldwide. With a massive developer network and a huge fan base, Drupal is without a doubt one of the biggest and most successful CMS the industry has seen. With thousands of modules and a vast number of distributions, Drupal is a very capable system.

Congratulations to all Drupal Developers worldwide, you are the reason Drupal is so successful today.

Learn more about Drupal or visit the Drupal website.

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